The Friends of Mitchell Park, Greenport NY


Policies and Procedures

Governance Guidelines
The mission of Friends of Mitchell Park is to support Village-approved cultural, educational and artistic activities that are open to the public without cost.

The Board of Directors of the Friends of Mitchell Park is responsible for reviewing any application for support for a Village-approved activity, and determining whether or not funds will be earmarked, and at what level of funding. An approved applicant is considered a donee.  

All agreements must be documented in writing and sent from the Friends of Mitchell Park to the donee.

Funds will be disbursed as described in the written agreement sent by the Friends of Mitchell Park.  

Approved funds will be available to the donee for one calendar year after the agreement to support the activity.  If the activity has not yet taken place, the applicant will have to reapply for support.

Although there is a procedure for requesting funding that requires the applicant to first obtain approval from the Village, those with ideas for activities may certainly approach the Friends of Mitchell Park for information and suggestions prior to obtaining approval. In fact, we encourage this. We just cannot allocate funds until approval is granted.

Application Process for Funding From the Friends of Mitchell Park
Once approval is given by the Greenport Village Board, a written request for funding must be made to the Board of Directors of the Friends of Mitchell Park using the form provided on this website (see link below).

The FoMP Board of Directors will review the Village-approved request at its regular monthly meeting, held the first Monday of the month.  The applicant may be requested to attend a Board meeting, or to meet separately with a Board member in a working session to discuss the activity.  The Board will determine if an activity can be funded, and at what level.

The Board may request that the responsible party for an approved activity provide brief progress reports.

When an activity is approved, the Board will agree on and document in writing the terms to disburse earmarked funds. Any publicity or advertisement for the event must acknowledge the support of the Friends of Mitchell Park and include our logo (downloadable below) in its materials.

Download Application Form
Click here to obtain a copy of the form and instructions on how to submit the request. If you need assistance prior to getting approval from the Village, please contact us.

Use this logo on any materials you create for projects supported by the Friends of Mitchell Park