The Friends of Mitchell Park, Greenport NY

Use a link below to download a form for requesting funding. Remember, you may contact us for suggestions and feedback prior to filling out the form or getting approval from the Village for your event, but the Friends of Mitchell Park cannot vote on your request or allocate funds until after you have obtained approval for your event from the Greenport Village Board.   The steps to fill out the form are:


1.  Email and request a copy of the form.  A blank form in PDF and plain text format will be sent to you via email or, if you provide a US Mail address, a paper copy will be sent by US Mail. 

2.  Complete the form as described in step 2 below. 


1.  Click a link below, and receive the file in either PDF format or plain text format.  If you don't know which format to select, email 

2.  You can fill out the plain text form using a word processor, or print either format on paper and fill it out with pen and ink.  


If you fill out with pen and ink, when complete you can give it to any member of the Board, or mail it to Friends of Mitchell Park, PO Box 512, Greenport NY  11944, or scan it and email to  Be sure to sign the form in the space provided.    The Board will be in touch with you to complete the process.


If you use form electronically, fill it out using any word processing program.  This is usually most easily done using the plain text format file. We suggest changing the name of the file to something meaningful to your request.   You can then email that completed file to or, if you prefer, give that file or printed copy of that file to any member of the Board of the Friends of Mitchell Park, or mail it to Friends Of Mitchell Park, PO Box 512, Greenport NY  11944

3.  Remaining steps to complete the process will then proceed with the Board as described in Policies and Procedures

4. You must use the Friends of Mitchell Park logo on any materials you use regarding your sponsored event.

Need help?  Click on the Contact Us menu item at the top or bottom of the page. 

Funding Request Form

Use this logo to acknowledge the Friends of Mitchell Park in materials used for projects supported by the Friends of Mitchell Park